October of 2012 I really didn’t understand what was going on with me. I just knew that I was no longer happy and had no idea where I was going, or what I was doing with my life. I  knew I was depressed , but I just thought this was a normal thing people are allowed to feel this way.

I kept myself busy working two jobs , hustling a side business and working on my masters degree. Then one day I had enough, I was tired of feeling bad about myself , tired of being bullied at work, and just plan tired of everything that was happening in my life. I lost my job and only ran my side business for a few years until that company went under. By this point I just wanted to give up  on life and at the same time not realizing I was slowly closing myself in from the world. I won’t speak of the experience that I say finally "broke me", but it took me 2 years to finally ask for help. I was terrified to leave my own home, going outside by myself was a nightmare. My anxiety was through the roof all I wanted to do was lay on the couch all day ,which most day I did.

When I finally reached out and found the help I needed I was prescribed so many different medications. I felt like a lab rat ....try this , take this, take pill  away, were going to add this pill instead , after so many prescription drugs given to me for mental health, my brain said that it literally shut my brain down. At 35 I was over all healthy ,working out , living a meat free lifestyle plant based diet  to having grand-mal seizure that the “doctors” and “neurologist” couldn't figure out why they were happening. ( It’s pretty simple HELLO , look at all the med’s I was put on!) . At that time in my life I was on 4 different prescription drugs a "cocktail" that was killing me. After all this I was dependent for over a year on everyone, I wasn’t allowed to drive because of the seizures. My life had just been taken further away from me and I no longer wanted to deal with it.

Then one night I had a dream where I swear an angel touched my heart and told me I was going to be ok , that I was going to be free of all the pain and suffering I had been through. When that happened I decided enough is enough with western medicine I fought with the my doctors and told them no more I want weaned off all these meds and made my demands more then once. When I was finally taken seriously and was able to drive again after a year. I went the holistic route never looking back. I realize eating a full plant-based, cutting out  processed food and soda , learning to meditate and working out everyday was what saved me . Along with taking some amazing supplements your can find them here .

 What will you find on DaphneRenee.com it very simple 

I want to change the world one step at a time starting with help others learn from my personal journey what I did to help me find my happy , healthy , individual self again. While providing you some great recipes , and resource along with my personal favorites.