This is something I have thought about a lot while I have been on the journey of self-discovery. What asked myself was my self-esteem so low, because I allowed others, try to bring me down. I let people talk down to me, call me names, and let them mess with my head and bring down who I was. What I realized is these people that were doing these things were the ones that had the problems.  I learned a long time ago what you let out into the world negative or positive will come back to you ten folds. But, the more negativity that we endure from others and even to ourselves is what truly take a toll on who we are.


We developed these feeling of low self-worth, because of the way we think people perceive us. With that being said think about this; when you have someone talking bad about you what the real problem is they are feeling bad about themselves. When we accept this form of bullying, negativity, harassment and not dusting it off our shoulders it allows them to win. Remember it them not us that is causing you to put your lives on hold. It’s tragic when I think about how many times I have done this personally to myself. That I allowed someone else to have my power over me of how I should perceive myself to be.  Because; of this I had established very poor relationship skills with myself and others for a very long time.


When I sit here and think about all the crap I have disliked about myself and what I didn’t deserve that wasn’t me talking about myself that way it was someone else that had done this to me, because I allowed their negativity to win. I sat here the other day and thought about how poorly I have treated myself thinking I’m not good enough, I can’t do that, I’m not pretty, they will think I’m stupid, they won’t like me. God damn yes I am good enough I deserve everything my heart desires and so much more! I realized the other day think about this subject and thought would my best friends talk to me this way; HELL no! As a matter of fact, they would probably yell at me and ask me why the hell are you talking this way about yourself.

I have literally been in an abusive relationship with myself for year, and guess what I kick that bitch out the door.

A vast majority of us don’t realize that 91 % of women in the United States are not happy with who they are. Another sad thing to think is most girls start having self-esteem problem starting in fifth grade. What! Yes, you heard me girls that are 11-12 years old hitting puberty have low self-esteems this is where it starts. I know I did, I still remember the first time I wore a skirt and was told my ankles were too skinny to wear it. What my ankles, yes and guess what I never wore another skirt till high school!


So if 91 % of women aren’t happy with who they are, guess what that mean YOUR NOT ALONE. I bet if you go out anywhere you might see some one that you think is pretty, has amazing hair, wearing the cutest shoes you have ever seen on this earth. And guess what she just might feel the opposite of what you think. Get where I am going with this we all have these feeling and perceiving ourselves in such negative ways is not the keep to being body positive.


What women and even men need to realize that each of us is beautiful in our own way that is what makes us so unique. Could you just imagine that everyone looked like a Kardashian, I can tell you if we did it would be really boring to watch and guess what not every man wants one.  So listen up, because this is important! You deserve the best things in life and don’t let anyone tell you different.


Take a moment and talk to yourself like your best friend would I but they would never talk to you negatively. AND when you have those moments that you’re not feeling like your worth it remembers you are!

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