YouTube hit the social media scene in 2005 ever since then it has dominated the market with real men and women securing the attention of viewers in this shared market. Marketers of many cosmetic brands are now branching out and using YouTuber’s as one of the major sellers of beauty related products. A gigantic new world of beauty content has opened on YouTube, with billions of videos uploaded to the social site daily.

When doing research on beauty related video’s there is currently over 15 billion beauty related videos on YouTube. Beauty, Fashion are one of the top trending videos but only represent 5 percent of the total views. Vlogger control almost 100% of all beauty related uploads.

Why are consumers so invested in the experience of watching beauty gurus? Its simple people want to see real life content on new products that are emerging. These same customers feel that the world of YouTube and their beauty gurus are the gatekeepers to real information about products lines. Along with the many of the beauty vloggers are very connected with their views which makes them feel more like a family not just a customer.

As the beauty world branches out you are seeing more vloggers working with name brands and being a real face not one that has been photo shopped. These are real people that we can identify with. One that just recently hit the scene was the Plus-size clothing company Torrid. Torrids #inmyjeans featured customers, bloggers, vloggers, actresses, along with their current models.

Torrid has been one of the companies that has always used and looked for real women. Casting for girls that are wanting a chance to enter in to the world of modeling with MyTorrid Model Search. Torrid is America’s hottest plus-size fashion brand and every year they look for ambassadors for their brand. Beauty Vlogger Loey Lane and bloggers Allison Teng, Simone Mariposa, and Anne O’Brien are just a few body confident, plus-size, curvy women showing that you are beautiful with just being you.

These tech savvy women are just a few that are dominating the YouTube world with their adorable and informative tutorials, clothing hauls, and so much more that everyone is buzzing about.

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