Ready to work with Daphne Renee?

Daphne Renee takes a 3 step approach to building your big brand: 


You have a ton of ideas. You're driven, ambitious and want to have a ton of impact. Upon signing on to work with Daphne Renee, the first thing we will do is gain clarity on your business ideas, goals and your value proposition. We partner with you providing strategies that will prioritize all of your ideas to create a plan of action. But, let's be clear. We don't tell you what to do. Instead, we provide intentional strategies to aid you in developing a clear picture of what you want for the future of your brand and business.

Strategic Planning- 

Once you are clear about what you want, we partner to create personalized strategies. This may include a launch campaign, passive income funnels or brand awareness strategies to further the growth, reach and impact of your brand. Whatever the case, your plan will be actionable and cover the who/what/when/where/why/how of implementation. Upon crafting your action plan, you will be prepared to implement all of the strategies you learn during your coaching sessions.

Sustainability & Accountability- 

During your time with Daphne Renee, we expect you to take action. You will receive assignments to complete between your coaching sessions to ensure that you are making progress. The accountability assignments and email support you'll receive from Daphne Renee, are key to your success. We have a no fluff approach to coaching. We fully expect that you will begin to implement your strategies and will be prepared to share your wins and challenges.



One on one coaching is for the entrepreneur who is in her first 12-24 months of business who is ready to learn new strategies to take her business to the next level of success. You are earning but not consistently. You need and desire an effective strategy to level up for consistent income. One on One consulting provides a in depth look at your current business systems and processes to identify areas that may be limiting your business growth.

Online Coaching Program

Our online coaching program is for entrepreneurs who wish to fast track from idea to launch. The process is not a fast one, but it helps you stay focused so you don't waste time trying to figure things out alone. The online program is ideal for the busy side hustler. This 6 week private coaching experience is ideal for entrepreneurs who are ready to re brand or pivot into new avenues. Here, we focus on your launch strategy, messaging and plan of action for adding a new endeavor to your existing brand.