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What can you expect from this seminar series?

Think women's empowerment rally meets business building intensive with cocktails. We will laugh, some of us may cry but we will all move forward stronger, bolder, and with a blueprint for our own success.

You've never been to an event like this and you do not want to miss out!

Let us lay the framework that both promotes dreaming beyond our current situation and lays the foundation of support to achieve our goals. Enabling us to create a legacy of hope and a tribe of empowered women for the next generation to look to. The path we have chosen as entrepreneurs is not always easy but it can be made more enjoyable with the support of the women in our hometown cheering us on.

One full day of non-stop business building and a day of non-stop empowerment from local business owners. Come be a part of this journey! This is THE women's business event of 2019!


A few of the topics covered in-depth during the seminar -

  • Scaling your business to the next level in 2019 and beyond

  • How and why customer service is the only thing that truly matters in your business

  • Marketing for success. Why words truly do matter and how to ensure your message is not lost in translation.


VIP Experience Includes:

  • general admission perks

  • Champagne Brunch

  • Exclusive Lunch with Speakers

  • Exclusive Dinner with Speakers

  • Reserved Front Row Seating

  • Special Swag Bag

  • And more!

General Admission Includes:

  • Unreserved Seating

  • Awesome Swag Bag

  • Exclusive Vendor Fair

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Two full days of business growth training

  • Opportunities to hear from members of your Chamber of Commerce and City Council


May 10th & 11th

Raleigh , NC

July 26th & 27th

Washington, DC


May 3rd & 4th

Nashville, TN

August 30th & 31st

Atlanta, GA


May 24th & 25th

Dallas, TX

September 20th & 21st

St. Louis, MO


June 21st & 22nd

Miami, FL

October 18th & 19th

Columbus, OH


June 28th & 29th

Houston, TX

July 12th & 13th

Tampa, FL

November 8th & 9th

Seattle, WA

November 15th & 16th

New Orleans, LA

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